Writing as a Business

On this page I will provide posts concerning books and other tools I use to write as a business. I did tons of research as I published three books (so far) and wrote articles for www.Canarsee.com in New York (they paid me to write articles for their “Learning Center” page).

This page should help everyone.

Writing, publishing and marketing require focusing on important details. As I searched for the best experts, I focused on their qualifications, experience and reputation. As you read the posts I provide concerning books and other tools I used to publish my writing, you will see the best of the best.

I want to help you save money, time and confusion. I want you to learn from my experience and help you do research. First, I want to teach you something that I learned the hard way:

Be aware that most experts will give you their best advice for free. They want to make your free sample as good as possible. If you “Look inside the book” at Amazon, you will usually be able to research the author and gather important “expert” information for free. So, I gather most of my best information (and advice) for free. Sometimes, I buy the book (especially those I consider the best of the best).

Often, to save time and money, I buy eBooks. It is a good idea to read eBooks using the “FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices“, available from Amazon.

Website bloggers usually provide their best advice for free (for the same reason I mentioned earlier). Warning: Some bloggers are dangerously good at convincing people to spend lots (sometimes thousands of dollars) of money. I have been good at avoiding expensive blog offers. If you are careful, you can get extremely good advice from blogs and newsletters. You just have to properly research the “expert” and keep a tight grip on your money.

Please be aware that I plan to include links for the books and other tools I recommend. Eventually, if I do links properly, I think Amazon and/or other affiliate programs, will pay me a 4% or more fee when people buy something. These fees cost buyers nothing and I hope you have enough trust in me to value my truly HONEST OPINIONS concerning products I bring to your attention.

I enjoy writing as a business. I hope my writing business can make enough money to at least provide money to cover my expenses.

I plan to make topics easy to scan and I will try to make it easy for readers to skip over topics that seem too boring for them.

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