Please be kind as you relocate mice and other critters “Humanely”

Relocation of mice, lizards and other critters should be done humanely.
I closely monitor a humane trap when I need to relocate a mouse. Many years ago, before I knew about “humane traps”, I had more than one nightmarish experience dealing with suffering and blood splatter. Now, I sleep better, and you can too, if you use a Smart Mouse trap-Humane Mouse Trap“. You can avoid the unnecessary terror associated with inhumane trapping.
Humane box traps can be baited with peanut butter, the mouse (or other critter) can be released far from homes. And, as long as people monitor traps, there can be a happy ending for all. Humane traps are only humane if they are properly monitored and the critter doesn’t suffer a slow death because someone forgot to check the trap in a timely manner.
Sticky traps can be humane if vegetable oil is poured on the sticky material in a timely manner. Most sticky traps are designed to melt and release when vegetable oil comes to the rescue.
Mice, rats, snakes, lizards and other critters can be relocated to safe places humanely. With a little effort, humans can avoid unpleasant experiences and show kindness to critters that were here before us. Please spread these humane ideas and find other ways to get humans to be humane.