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This first post concerns my initial offering and request for help.

You will see the topic of my first article concerns something I stopped fixing and replacing (sump pumps). Most homes in Hayfield rely on sump pumps to control surface water. Since I stopped fixing and replacing sump pumps more than 15 years ago, I hope to provide good advice that will help residents avoid premature pump failure.

My advice is much like the advice I offered my customers over 15 years ago (back when I used to fix and replace sump pumps). Later, when you read my article, you will see how important (and usually much less costly) it is to control water BEFORE it gets in your basement.

First, I want to request your help. I would like for you to let me know what plumbing topics you are MOST interested in. I want to provide my articles according to what Hayfield residents consider the HIGHEST priority.

You don’t even have to use your real name to provide a comment or recommendation. I just need a first name (real or otherwise) and an email address. I promise to protect your email address and only use it (if it is okay with you), to let you know each time I update my Hayfield Farm page (posts).

Any suggestions and/or comments are appreciated. In case it might be helpful, I have made a list of suggested topics for your consideration.

  1. Water pressure problems and noises.
  2. What to do in a plumbing emergency.
  3. How to find water leaks.
  4. What to do when I am not available.

Once again, you don’t have to use my suggested list. But, to save you time, you can just email me the letters in my list according to what you are MOST interested  to what you are LEAST interested in [Example: If you are Most interested in leaks and least interested in noise, you might provide C,B,D,A or C,D,B,A].

When my plumbing jobs don’t keep me extremely busy, I plan to write these articles. Hopefully, I will write at least one article per month. Email from readers will let me know my efforts are not a waste of time. I hope I get enough email to make the Hayfield Farm articles worth the time I spend writing them.

I notice my loyal Hayfield customers are great listeners. Now, I want to listen. I would like to hear from anyone that reads this page. Please make a comment at my contact page.

Now, the first article: Sump Pumps: How to Prevent Premature Failure