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A letter from one soldier to another

                 Respect those that served   Rebuilding a civil war hut over the original “hut hole”: One Veteran tips his hat to another To my Yankee friend that lived on my property many years ago, I read lots of your letters, so, I wanted to write to you. […]

What Having a Growth Mindset Actually Means

What Having a “Growth Mindset” Actually Means Carol Dweck is a professor of psychology at Stanford University. She published an extremely important book titled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Even If you can’t find time to read her book, I strongly recommend an article she wrote in The Harvard Business Review. Professor Dweck seems […]

Writing as a Business

Writing as a Business Content creation is a great business. Create content that will build an audience. Then, you can monetize. Fiction is extremely competitive and difficult to attract readers. If you are an expert, creating non-fiction content is probably the best business for you and your audience. Write unique content on a specific niche […]

A Wellness Visit: Prevention and Planing is better than surprises and emergencies

What is a wellness visit? A wellness visit with a trustworthy journeyman or master plumber can save you lots of money and aggravation. Much like a medical wellness visit requires a trustworthy doctor, plumbing inspection and diagnostics requires a trustworthy plumber. Medicare and many other health insurance providers pay for wellness visits and other preventive […]

Why I Recommend Books and Products

These days, experts say content should  answer questions and explain why readers should invest their time. As an old plumber and a relatively new author, I try to make the best use of my reader’s time and my time. I set priorities and produce information systematically. My first book is about how to focus properly […]

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Minutes of the Last Meeting   by Mike Quick People that want to write as a business, should focus on details concerning people like Gene Fowler. At the peak of his writing career, Fowler was the tenth best paid man in the United States. Gene hung out with W.C. Fields, John Barrymore, John Carradine, Anthony Quin […]

Focus on Book Publishing Details

This installment of the best of the best books I have read, should help you find answers to important book publishing questions. Should you continue searching for a publisher? How complicated and expensive is it to self-publish? Can you find trustworthy self publishing help? Is Print-on-Demand a good way to sell books? Are eBooks the […]

Writing as a Business Post #1

Writing as a business is like any other business. You need to have what others want and you need marketing skills. If you write as a business, you need to make sure you use the human section of your brain to create content. Seriously, ninety percent of what experts know about the brain was discovered […]

Sump Pumps: How to Prevent Premature Failure

Sump Pumps: How to Prevent Premature Failure [ Hayfield  Farm Residents (local) problems, help others.] This first edition is focused on introducing Mike Quick’s local plumbing advice and sump pumps. This page will feature articles everyone can benefit from. Residents of Hayfield Farm will benefit more than others because these articles will be presented in […]

Please watch for many improvements in 2016

Improvements, updates and new topics are coming in 2016. I am working on a “Plumbing in 2016” article and maybe book. I plan to start a “Author Page for New Authors” soon. My first book mentions the need to focus on details. Soon I will provide up-to-date help for readers. I will list plumbing products, […]