“Dragon” Speech to Text Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking Might Help You by Mike Quick


It was many years ago when I tried the “Dragon” software. At that time, speech to text software seemed to cause more problems than it solved. Now, as everything digital seems to cost less and provide more, “Dragon Naturally Speaking 13.0” might be an important tool.

The Windows version of the Dragon Naturally Speaking Home 13.0 ($44.95 when I posted this) requires a headset. A suggested Koss headset ($17.54 when I wrote this post) seems to be a good choice.

It looks like the Dragon software can be used within a Microsoft Word window. If that is the case, I would think Dragon is a fast and easy way to create text and do touch-up and editing later. I might even try it again.

Before or after you decide to try Dragon, I think it is a good idea to buy “The Writer’s Guide to Training Your Dragon“.

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