Writing as a Business

Writing as a Business

Content creation is a great business. Create content that will build an audience. Then, you can monetize. Fiction is extremely competitive and difficult to attract readers. If you are an expert, creating non-fiction content is probably the best business for you and your audience.

Write unique content on a specific niche and you will build an audience. Over time, you can add ads, affiliate links and find other ways to monetize. A blog can offer coaching courses and other things your audience will buy.

Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others are free. WordPress provides a free way to build a blog. Later, for less than $100.00 per year, you can convert your free WordPress blog to a hosted blog that you own (experts strongly recommend your author name.com).

You can create a free account on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms and start building a business.

If you are careful, you can learn platform building and email list building for free. Michael Hyatt’s Platform book is available at the library. Jeff Walker’s Launch book is also available at the library. These types of experts offer many high quality videos for free if you visit their websites (just add .com to their names). 

If you are an expert in a certain field, you can contract for and consult clients for an hourly wage.

At CreateSpace and other websites, you can find free information about creating eBooks and other content.

So, please don’t keep the world waiting. Your audience is there and the stage is bare.

Keep your day job as you build your writing business. It takes time-but-you can start a content creation business and NOT risk damage to your career and your family’s income.