Sump Pumps: How to Prevent Premature Failure

Sump Pumps: How to Prevent Premature Failure

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This first edition is focused on introducing Mike Quick’s local plumbing advice and sump pumps. This page will feature articles everyone can benefit from. Residents of Hayfield Farm will benefit more than others because these articles will be presented in an order of priority most important to Hayfield Farm (Hayfield) residents.

Residents of Hayfield and others have indicated they would like Mike’s opinions about various topics related to plumbing. Mike provides his opinions based on his more than forty years of plumbing experience and more than thirty five years specializing in Hayfield problems.

Quick Quality Plumbing Incorporated (known as Quick Quality Plumbing and Heating when Mike started the company in 1981) stopped fixing and replacing sump pumps more than sixteen years ago. It is important to NOT call or request help concerning sump pumps and/or sump pump problems. If you have questions that Mike can answer in future posts, please leave them-but-DO NOT expect a fast reply.

Sump pump failures frequently create emergency situations, this site represents Mike’s effort to help you AVOID emergencies. Emergency plumbers and sometimes fire departments ARE often designed to help during emergencies (Mike is NOT available for emergencies). Please reread Mike’s warnings, terms of use and disclaimers if you don’t fully understand that Mike’s opinions and your decisions will not always produce satisfactory results.

The fact that Mike stopped providing sump pump services probably makes this article more important than others.

People should always search for honest, qualified and experienced experts when they need professional services. Sump pump failure can be extremely dangerous and costly. Premature sump pump failure is often caused by things other than the pump.

Proper selection, installation and maintenance of sump pumps require a TRUSTWORTHY expert. Pumping too fast is NOT a good thing. Short running cycles can cause premature pump failure. Fast and easy installation is often NOT a good thing. Pumps can move, blow pipes off or cause other problems when not CAREFULLY installed.  Failure to inspect the sump (the hole where the pump is installed) and other surrounding areas IS important.

Paying many thousands of dollars (often $10,000 or more) to have waterproofing installed in the basement is often NOT a good thing to do. There are many low cost and extremely highly effective ways to protect your home.

Usually, capturing water AFTER it enters your home is NOT a good long-term solution. The “out of sight-out of mind” approach to water control can be extremely dangerous and costly.

The BEST approach:

Keep gutters clean. Good gutter guards, oversized downspouts (with rivets instead of screws) and other things can help prevent gutter overflows. Overflowing gutters cause soil erosion and lots of water against the home’s foundation.

Soil erosion directs water toward your basement. It is best to keep water at least ten feet from your home’s foundation. Extending down spouts away from your home is essential. A trustworthy landscaper can usually help when necessary. Tightly packed FILL dirt can help keep water away from the basement. Top soil, gravel, mulch and other porous material should only be added AFTER tightly packed fill dirt establishes a flow away (grade) from the basement.

Sump pumps need a safe place to discharge water. Clogged pipes, frozen pipes and other problems can cause premature pump failure and/or pumped water flowing back into the basement. Trustworthy landscapers and others can usually help solve problems more effectively and at a much lower cost than some questionable “waterproofing” companies.

After people focus on essentials, it is a good idea to add extra protection. A $12.00 water alarm resting on the floor can provide some extra protection. An in the sump alarm and a “back up” pump can add lots of protection.

Back up pumps installed with a battery system can help when the electricity goes out if they are installed and maintained properly.

Proper installation, maintenance and focusing on details can help prevent dangerous and costly situations. Mike Quick plans to find new ways to help people make SMART decisions. Please help Mike provide the best topics by leaving a comment and/or question. Please click here so you can go to Mike’s contact page and leave a comment, suggestion and/or question.