Consumers’ Advocates: Consumers’ Checkbook

In Mike’s book and on his websites, he tries to convince people to do proper (trustworthy) research.
Ratings in nonprofit consumer advocates magazines like Consumers’ Checkbook provide trustworthy, valuable information. Talking to neighbors and reading information in Consumers’ Checkbook are the two best sources of information about vender quality of services (information that will help you find the best plumber or other professional).
Nonprofit consumer advocates are easier to trust than for- profit consumer advocates. No advertisements, no behind the scenes profit and no hidden motive, make outside influence unlikely.
Later, Mike will provide some helpful tips to improve your chances of finding the best plumber in the shortest amount of time. First, Mike wanted to thank consumers and Consumers’ Checkbook (Center for the Study of Services).
Mike truly appreciates the customers that helped Quick Quality Plumbing Inc. earn Checkbooks top quality (customer satisfaction) rating, consistently, for more than eighteen years. He also wants to thank the kind customers that took the time to send so many nice comments.
The U.S Office of Consumers’ Affairs and Consumers’ Union (publisher of Consumers’ Report) founded Consumers’ Checkbook in 1974. Thankfully, with the help of many dedicated staff, this center for the study of services keeps getting better.
Mike’s TIP: Focus on details as you search for a plumber. The “comments” (in Checkbook) help reveal specialized experts. If you read “comments”, they frequently reveal the plumber’s specialty. Water main replacement, main sewer cleaning (or replacement) and other special skills are often revealed in the comments. If you do smart research, you will probably make smart decisions.
Mike provides “The Secret in Virginia” and lots of other secrets in his