My new Help Pets and other Critters Page

I hope people can help me gather trustworthy advice concerning pets and other critters. Also, I hope people can find it in their heart to donate to trustworthy non-profit groups like RikkisRefuge in Orange County. I worry about critters and children more than anything else. I plan to write about children and critters inheriting serious […]

Looking for a New Toilet? I Can Help.

I notice problems with Kohler toilets. I notice improvements with American Standard toilets. My observations can help you. I still work and I keep track of the good, the bad and the ugly plumbing products. In my book titled Toilet Issues I provide lots of details that will help educate you about toilets. This year […]

Hospital ER Drinking Fountain Update

Defective Drinking Fountains in Hospital ER Update The good news: Oct. 24, I noticed both fountains turned off and two big “Out of Order” signs. November 12, I noticed both drinking fountains working perfectly. The bad news: It seems to have taken more than two months to get people to focus on this danger. It […]

A Letter About Defective Water Fountains In a Hospital Emergency Room

This is the actual letter Mike hand carried to a hospital administrator’s office 8-04-2014. Amazingly, the unsanitary water fountains remained that way until at least 10-10-2014 (when Mike last checked on them). Meanwhile, Mike continues to focus on the most disturbing “big picture”. He is making contact with media experts, government officials and others concerning […]

Mike Published Two More Books

“Real Estate CLUE Reports” is a short book about an insurance underwriter’s data base that keeps track of claims (and inquiries about claims) concerning water damage and other damage to homes. This book also provides information concerning home inspections and detailed disclosure forms. For less than $4.00, you can save thousands of dollars and learn […]

Mike’s website was recently updated recently moved to Hostgator. Mike added many new posts and reconstructed the website. After you finish here, go to Amazon to inspect Mike’s book or go to the new website.

Plumbing Product Advice

The best plumbing product advice will usually come from a plumber that fixes plumbing in the home. There are different types of plumbing specialists. The plumbers that specialize in fixing problems in the home are more likely to know details concerning the good and the bad plumbing products. Experience makes a difference. Mike hopes that […]

The Definition of Trustworthy and Why it is Most Important

The meaning of trustworthy (dependable; reliable; worthy of trust) is most important when you search for trustworthy expert advice. The single most frequent cause of major mistakes is trusting experts that are not worthy of trust. After thirty eight years of solving plumbing problems, Mike Quick focused carefully to identify the single most frequent cause […]

Garbage Disposal

Clogged garbage disposal (disposer)? First we must determine if it is really a clogged garbage disposal or a clogged drain pipe. Customers often assume they have a clogged garbage disposer when the drain pipe is clogged(stopped up). Most of the time if the garbage disposal spins, it is not clogged. If the garbage disposer does […]


Improperly flushing toilet (poorly flushing toilet) [Note: More information and advice is available concerning improperly flushing toilets. Mike’s book ( provides details concerning this topic, details concerning the proper installation of toilets and other topics.] Most people seem to know that an obstruction can cause a poor flush. Most people and many plumbers don’t realize […]