About this site

Mike’s book (OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com)  and his website by the same name (OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com) provide important details that focus on helping you make your best plumbing decisions. MikeQuick.com is designed to keep you up-to-date on other topics.

Real Estate CLUE Reports  is Mike’s first book about real estate investing. As an investor, a plumber and a researcher, Mike wrote this book to help readers avoid mistakes as they buy, sell and live in homes. Protecting your home, money and health are just a few of the topics that will be found on this website.

On this site, you will find content on:

  • Writing as a business
  • Sharing ideas
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Brain Activation, growth mindset and hope
  • Focusing on important details concerning your home, your time and your money
  • The best of the best books Mike has read
  • How to avoid serious mistakes that others frequently make and other topics

Some of these topics can already be found on this site. Some of these topics will be added later.

Often, as you read content, you will see links to books and other things. Links provide many useful purposes as long as they are provided honestly and carefully. Links provide photos, additional details and an opportunity to recover some of the expenses of this website. Often, Mike earns 4% or more when people buy from Amazon.  Sometimes, he might earn fees from clicks and/or other things. Mike hopes readers can rest assured that Amazon and others pay these fees. Mike provides honest links to help readers do more detailed research and see what he based his opinion’s on.

Experts often recommend foot notes and other methods of providing background and justification material for statements and opinions. On this website, Mike  frequently uses book links as foot notes. A great example might be one of Mike’s favorite books. Activate Your Brain by Scott Halford.

After clicking the link to Halford’s book, readers can read inside the book and check some of Halford’s foot notes for free. If readers decide to buy  the  book, they can check all of Halford’s foot notes.

Note: I used the Activate Your Brain book as an example to help set up the next section of this page.

According to Halfords’s foot notes, 90% of what experts know about brain function was learned in the last twenty years. And, getting people to activate the human section of their brains is our most promising solution for the serious challenges we face. The content on this website and in the books I write, is targeted to people using the human section (not the mammal section) of their brain.

If you only read the free (“Inside the Book”) section of Halford’s book or just read the first chapter, I think you will understand why it is so important to understand the difference between the mammal and human section of the brain.

For many years, I searched for answers to an extremely important question: Why do so many well educated people trust experts before checking the qualifications and reputation of the expert? I think Halford’s book answers that question.

In my first book and in my websites, I write about the single most frequent mistake people make. Trusting those not worthy of trust is the most dangerous and most frequent mistake people make. Mistaking entertainment for trustworthy research. Halford’s book answers the question: why so many well educated people trust plumbing experts before checking their qualifications and reputation.

This website provides honest well researched content that is targeted to those using the human section of their brain.