Collaborate with Amazon

Collaborate with Amazon by Mike Quick

If you focus on details about collaborating you will see why you should collaborate with Amazon.

Smart collaboration is mutually rewarding. Amazon knows that. They try to find ways to reach out and help people publish and sell their creations. Amazon can provide excellent free help because they know Amazon will make money later.

These days you have to be careful as you search for help. Most help will cost lots of money, time and/or energy. And, you will pay BEFORE you reap any rewards. Some experts say most of the money made writing as a business comes from writing books about how to make money writing as a business. If you want help and want to collaborate at the lowest cost consistent with the highest quality, take advantage of what Amazon has to offer. At Amazon, you can save lots of money by reading only the FREE sections of “how to make money writing as a business” type books and you can take advantage of other free information provided by Amazon.

I have written about the top quality information and advice frequently provided by authors at Amazon. Even if people just read the free section of Amazon’s listing for a book, valuable content can be gathered quickly.

Now, Amazon is introducing a  Kindle Direct Publishing set of tools that will help people “jump start”, publish, and sell books. Amazon calls  this “KDP Jumpstart“.

Use this link to focus on creating, publishing and selling your books. I don’t mind sending people away from my website. I hope you will remember where you found this bit of golden advice and I hope you will come back again real soon!

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