A Wellness Visit: Prevention and Planing is better than surprises and emergencies

What is a wellness visit?
A wellness visit with a trustworthy journeyman or master plumber can save you lots of money and aggravation. Much like a medical wellness visit requires a trustworthy doctor, plumbing inspection and diagnostics requires a trustworthy plumber.
Medicare and many other health insurance providers pay for wellness visits and other preventive care because it is important. Prevention and planning discussions are important. Doctors want to take the time to hear about specific symptoms and complaints. Doctors want to discuss whether or not additional steps are needed to diagnose or treat conditions. It is extremely important that you find a trustworthy doctor-before you schedule a wellness visit.
Honesty and quality are always most import when shopping for a doctor or a plumber. You need to be sure that your best interest and your best chances of good health are always held far above any conflicts of interest (profit).
1. Focus on details concerning reputation and qualifications when you search for a doctor or plumber.
2. Always remember that time is money. Write down specific questions and concerns and focus on making the best use of the money you (or maybe your insurance provider) are paying for an expert’s time.
3. Don’t expect that an expert can guarantee that you will always avoid bad results. If an expert is right 95% of the time, the expert will be wrong 5% of the time.
4. If you can’t afford a complete “wellness visit”, you might consider a fifteen minute visit or whatever amount of time you can afford. Some plumbers might only charge $79.00 for a fifteen minute visit [Note: You should find out if any travel time or extra fees are added on to the $79.00 minimum fee.] After the first fifteen minutes, some master plumbers only charge $25.00 for each additional fifteen minute interval.
Prevention and planning is better than surprises and emergencies. As it gets more difficult to find trustworthy experts, smart decisions are more important.