Why I Recommend Books and Products

These days, experts say content should  answer questions and explain why readers should invest their time.

As an old plumber and a relatively new author, I try to make the best use of my reader’s time and my time. I set priorities and produce information systematically.

My first book is about how to focus properly as readers search for the best plumber, plumbing products and expert advice.

My second book provides much needed details about one of the most frequently challenging plumbing problems. Toilet Issues is focused on important details about safe installation, selection and maintenance of (you guessed it) the toilet.

The third book I published is about what happens when people fail to read or understand my first book. Insurance claims and property damage can depreciate the value of a home, much like frequent automobile accidents or late payments on a loan, make people risky, CLUE reports, track risky homes. All of my books contain secrets. When I wrote Real Estate CLUE Reportsmost people (including realtors) did not know insurance companies track insurance claims on homes.

As you see my Amazon recommendations, please be aware that I list them based on priorities. Even my favorite toilet plunger (the MP 1600) and then the water hammer arrestor, are listed based on priorities.

Amazon pays me a 4% or more fee when people buy from any Amazon link I provide. I use this money to help pay to maintain my websites.  The buyer pays the same, regardless if they use my link or not. So, the buyer doesn’t pay this fee.

As I do research, writing and publishing books, I keep track of the best of the best books I read. As you read posts on my websites, you will notice I make the books available for review and/or purchase. I hope my research time will help you save time and quickly find trustworthy experts.

So far, you will find my longest list of the best of the best books on my post about publishing.