Minutes of the Last Meeting

Minutes of the Last Meeting   by Mike Quick

People that want to write as a business, should focus on details concerning people like Gene Fowler.

At the peak of his writing career, Fowler was the tenth best paid man in the United States.

Gene hung out with W.C. Fields, John Barrymore, John Carradine, Anthony Quin and many others that top the  celebrity list. He was a member of the infamous “Bundy Drive Boys”.

These days, meetings are often considered serious fun. Successful meetings (and writing) these days usually require a proper mix of seriousness and fun. Attention spans are short and these days’ people find it easy to get bored. So, I will get to the point, today I write about fun.

Gene Fowler wrote about fun. He wrote memoirs that were fun and he wrote serious stuff about his close friends having fun. Reading Fowler words can be fun and very educational.

If you ever hope to write memoirs, you must read “Minutes of the Last Meeting” by Gene Fowler. Fun, educational and exciting writing has never been better. It is always best to learn from the best.

I must warn you, after you read “Minutes of the Last Meeting”; you will be addicted to Gene Fowler and other writing about the “Bundy Drive Boys”.