Writing as a Business Post #1

Writing as a business is like any other business. You need to have what others want and you need marketing skills.

If you write as a business, you need to make sure you use the human section of your brain to create content. Seriously, ninety percent of what experts know about the brain was discovered in the last twenty years. My favorite book about this topic is Activate Your Brain.  If you click on that title, you can research that book and a few others.

Books, articles, blogs and other writings provide money making or money wasting opportunities. Creative construction of words, requires little or no upfront money investment. Most public libraries will let people use their computers and software for free. Writing is probably the lowest cost business adventure a person could undertake. If you want to jump right to money making and money spending topics, you might want to CLICK HERE and see my list of the best of the best about self publishing, publishers and other topics.

I think carefully chosen, edited and reviewed words are the best method of communication. Most professional writers appreciate words provided by trustworthy experts. Writing as a business and research go hand and hand, if you want the best chance of ever making a profit, read the best books written by the best experts.

Writing as a business requires marketing and other skills. Content development is only the beginning. Sometimes, content development should only take place after an author researches what an audience wants.
As an example, the first book is about building your brand for the audience who will love you. Another approach, might be to create content and later find people that might buy it. As always, I expect readers to jump over topics they don’t find helpful and jump to topics that are helpful.

Before I give you the title (and link) to this book, I want to tell why this book caught my eye:
These days, it is important to focus your time and effort on the right group of people. I just recently realized how important it is to NOT waste time on people that are not really a good fit for what you are writing (or trying to communicate).
It took me a long time to realize that RIGHT or WRONG is not as important as FIT or NO-FIT. It saves everyone time and energy when people focus on finding the proper fit and the proper audience.
So, “The Power of Unpopular” by Erika Napoletano is my number one book at this time.
Also, since it is so difficult to get noticed; my number two book is:

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” by Michael Hyatt.
You can probably read these books at your local library, follow the links I provide or find them at your local book store (I buy lots of my books USED from Amazon).

I realize this first post might have been better if it focused on what most newbie writers like to study. Publishers vs. Self Publishing and comparing the publishing options is exciting. Print-on-Demand, royalties, agents and magic solutions are exciting. So, I provide another link to my post concerning the best of the best books on those topics HERE.

I hope you will contact me and let me know if you are interested in GUEST BLOGGING or other things. “Other things” includes adding a link to your website and/or book. My list is short now, but as people let me know they want to be added to my list, I think my list will grow rapidly.

If you are interested in our group or want to visit some group member websites, I hope you will click on some of these links:

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The Barn Teacher by Thea is one of my favorite fables. (Try to say favorite fables rapidly ten times.) Thea is always trying to help me improve my writing and I appreciate her help. Thea creates words that entertain, inspire and bring attention to important issues.