Please watch for many improvements in 2016

Improvements, updates and new topics are coming in 2016.

I am working on a “Plumbing in 2016” article and maybe book.

I plan to start a “Author Page for New Authors” soon.

My first book mentions the need to focus on details. Soon I will provide up-to-date help for readers. I will list plumbing products, tools and books that will help you avoid BIG mistakes.

Soon, I will also provide details concerning the process of publishing books. So far, I try to be your BEST plumbing adviser. Soon, in addition to being your PLUMBING expert, I will offer my services as your RESEARCH expert. In 2016, I will let you know what I learned about writing, publishing and marketing books and articles.

Smart decisions require SMART research. I always focus on experts before I collect advice (information). Information products, plumbing products, tools and other important things require the best possible research that can be provided in the least amount of time. In 2016, I plan to focus on providing you expert advice presented as clearly as I can. My research should save you time while it helps you avoid costly mistakes.