Looking for a New Toilet? I Can Help.

I notice problems with Kohler toilets. I notice improvements with American Standard toilets. My observations can help you.

I still work and I keep track of the good, the bad and the ugly plumbing products. In my book titled Toilet Issues I provide lots of details that will help educate you about toilets.

This year I have constantly recommended the American Standard Cadet 3. It usually sells for about $128.00 at Home Depot. I noticed this toilet costs more at Amazon. I think Home Depot charges $75.00 for delivery. If you figure free shipping from Amazon, it seems like a great price. More importantly, it looks like Amazon has jumped into the installation business.

The Amazon five star rating and comment system helps consumers focus on installation details. I think Amazon could be getting lots of Home Depot and Lowes business. It is usually best to stick with your trustworthy plumber if you have one. Second best is finding one and third might be trying Amazon’s new installation process.

The toilet comes with everything except the water supply line. I recommend the supply line below for the easiest installation. Extra long supply lines make it easier to install and less likely to kink.