Mike Published Two More Books

Real Estate CLUE Reports” is a short book about an insurance underwriter’s data base that keeps track of claims (and inquiries about claims) concerning water damage and other damage to homes. This book also provides information concerning home inspections and detailed disclosure forms. For less than $4.00, you can save thousands of dollars and learn about the CLUE data base that can dramatically affect the value of homes.
Toilet Issues” is a short book that highlites some of the most important things you need to know about toilets. For less than $4.00, this book will help you understand the best and worst features, installations and maitenance of toilets. You will make easier and better decsions that will save you money, save water and avoid unsanitary living conditions.
Mike used some of the important information in his first book (“OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com”) to write these two new books.
These books and Mike’s websites are designed to help people avoid the major mistakes that others make.
Working in homes for more than forty years and seeing the results of bad decisions that were based on bad research, has convinced Mike to passionately inform and advise. These books and Mike’s websites are condensed versions of what Mike tells his customers.