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Hospital ER Drinking Fountain Update

Defective Drinking Fountains in Hospital ER Update The good news: Oct. 24, I noticed both fountains turned off and two big “Out of Order” signs. November 12, I noticed both drinking fountains working perfectly. The bad news: It seems to have taken more than two months to get people to focus on this danger. It […]

A Letter About Defective Water Fountains In a Hospital Emergency Room

This is the actual letter Mike hand carried to a hospital administrator’s office 8-04-2014. Amazingly, the unsanitary water fountains remained that way until at least 10-10-2014 (when Mike last checked on them). Meanwhile, Mike continues to focus on the most disturbing “big picture”. He is making contact with media experts, government officials and others concerning […]

Mike Published Two More Books

“Real Estate CLUE Reports” is a short book about an insurance underwriter’s data base that keeps track of claims (and inquiries about claims) concerning water damage and other damage to homes. This book also provides information concerning home inspections and detailed disclosure forms. For less than $4.00, you can save thousands of dollars and learn […]