The Definition of Trustworthy and Why it is Most Important

The meaning of trustworthy (dependable; reliable; worthy of trust) is most important when you search for trustworthy expert advice. The single most frequent cause of major mistakes is trusting experts that are not worthy of trust.

After thirty eight years of solving plumbing problems, Mike Quick focused carefully to identify the single most frequent cause of plumbing mistakes. He wanted his first book ( to help people avoid the most frequently occurring major mistakes. Mike’s first book is designed to help people focus on important details concerning “plumbing experts”. As he wrote this book he had to use the word trustworthy frequently. Trustworthy plumbing experts, trustworthy plumbers and trustworthy plumbing products are essential. Dependable, reliable plumbing requires experts that are worthy of your trust.

Unfortunately, many people confuse entertainment for smart research.  People often trust experts that are not worthy of trust because it was on television or perfectly produced with some other highly entertaining source. People enjoy oversimplified, misleading and sometimes dishonest “expert” advice. Entertainment is focused first on making people feel good and- maybe- second on presenting good advice. People want simple answers that seem to satisfy their need for knowledge. Sadly, this misplaced trust doesn’t just affect plumbing decisions.  Sometimes, dangerous medical decisions, financial decisions and other important decisions are based on bad advice. Focus on details concerning experts before you trust their advice. Smart decisions require smart research and smart research requires trustworthy expert advice.

Reputations and specialized knowledge are most important. Reputations often reveal experts that are worthy of trust and those that are not. Experts that have plenty of experience and specialized knowledge concerning a special type of plumbing problem, medical problem, financial problem or other issue are usually the best source of advice. Specialized experts that have an established reputation for being honest are usually trustworthy.You can save time, avoid overwhelming confusion and make better decisions if you do smart research.

If you take a few minutes to see how you can benefit from Mike Quick’s well established excellent reputation and experience, you can save lots of time. Trustworthy plumbing advice will help you make better plumbing decisions. You can look inside Mike’s book for free. You will be glad you did.